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Hi. I love you. Bye.

Hello. I love you more. Bye

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I knew.

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Chandelier » Directed by Sia & Daniel Askill, featuring Maddie Ziegler.

2014 MTV Video Music Awards: Video Of The Year » VOTE for ‘Chandelier’!

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Gillian’s birthday is coming up (August 9th) and we want to celebrate it with YOU!

As you may know we’ve made videos for her in 2012 and 2013 but this year we want to try something new. We want to put together a mosaic with pictures of her fans! If you didn’t participate in our previous projects, this is your chance!! Gillian got our previous birthday presents and we want to surprise her again!

If you want to be part of it send us a photo with a message for her. You can go for:

  • A photo of you holding a Happy Birthday sign.
  • A photo with Gillian.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable by posing with your card it’s ok too, you can send in a picture of your card or any kind of artwork you made for her.
  • Or whatever you want, it’s really up to you… so, be creative!

Please add your name and your country with your submission (send this as aditional info, do not add it to your picture).

Our DEADLINE is August 5.. so you can start sending in your photos via our submit page, you can also contact us for further information via our askbox here on Tumblr or at Twitter (@GillianADaily).

IMPORTANT NOTE: We would like to surprise her again, so please do not mention this on her official website or via Twitter or to anyone related to her in any way, that would mean so much not only to us but to everyone who will participate in this project… once again, spread the word and we will be waiting for your photos! Thanks!

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orphan black + pastel colours

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so, is it heaven or hell?

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On Season 2’s fan-favorite “holy Tilda Swinton” line: “I wish so badly I could tell you that was ad-libbed. That came out of the brilliant mind of Karen Walton. She was the one who wrote the episode. That was a writer’s line. I wish I could lay claim to that because it’s so great.”
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I think it wasn’t fair that in the dance party at the end of the season, only two of you got to be in it. So i’m calling a dance party right now. [x]

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From the script for “The End”:

SCULLY: Yes, sir. I understand. Yes. I’ll communicate that …

Scully sits at Mulder’s desk, the phone to her ear. Behind her, Mulder lies slumped and spent on his couch, one hand over his eyes. As Scully continues on the phone.

SCULLY: (into phone) I’ll be reachable here if you need to get back to me.

And she hangs up. Swivelling to look at Mulder. Staring at him in silence for several moments until:

MULDER: (not looking up) What did Skinner say?
SCULLY: They wanted to suspend you without pay, but Skinner’s gone to bat for you. He’s made a case for your personal involvement clouding your judgement. (beat) But there are talks going on right now about reassignment.

MULDER: (looking up) For who?
SCULLY: Both of us.

Scully wears the grimmest of looks. There’s something she’s withholding, that she doesn’t want to say.

SCULLY: Those talks include instructions from the Justice Department to close the X-Files.

Mulder’s looking at Scully from where he lays. This lands on him heavily. He lays his head back.

MULDER: They’ve tried that before.
SCULLY: We may have given them just-cause this time, Mulder.

Mulder doesn’t deny or acknowledge this. All he does is turn over and face away from Scully. She rises from the chair, standing across from him for a moment.

SCULLY: I’m going to stay here if that’s okay with you. I’ll grab a blanket in the other room ..

Again, Mulder doesn’t respond to her. Scully takes a long, deep breath and moves off toward the bedroom.

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Gillian Anderson attends the premiere of ‘Sold’ during the London Indian Film Festival.

Gillian Anderson attends the opening film ‘Sold’ for The London Indian Film Festival (July 10).

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